How to Bet on Golf at BetWinner

Accessing Golf betting options on the BetWinner platform is simple; click on the ‘Sports’ tab in the top navigation bar to discover a variety of sports betting options, including Golf.

Finding Golf Betting

The ‘Golf’ category is prominently located within the BetWinner sports betting hub, accessible via the sidebar on the left side. This area is dedicated to showcasing upcoming golf tournaments from the PGA Tour, European Tour, and other major championships, organized for easy navigation.

Golf betting is also accessible directly from the top menu, ensuring that you are only one click away from all related betting activities for both major and minor tournaments.

Live Betting on Golf at BetWinner

Live betting enhances the excitement of golf by allowing you to place bets as the tournament unfolds. Navigate to the ‘Live’ section via the top menu to find ongoing golf tournaments available for in-play betting, featuring real-time odds and a comprehensive range of betting markets.

Analyzing Tournaments and Betting Odds

In the main display area, BetWinner features upcoming and live golf tournaments alongside their primary betting markets. This section provides an overview of the odds for various competitors, helping you to make informed betting decisions based on players’ form, tournament conditions, and historical performances.

Detailed Betting Markets

For more in-depth analysis and a wider range of betting options, click on a tournament that interests you. You’ll be directed to a specific event page that offers various betting markets such as leader after the first round, hole-by-hole results, and more, all updated with the latest odds.

BetWinner organizes its betting markets to help bettors easily find specific types of bets:

  • All Markets: Displays all available betting options for a selected tournament.
  • Hole, Result: Bet on the outcome of a particular hole during a round. This can include predicting a birdie, par, or bogey.
  • Winner in Round: Wager on which golfer will be the leader at the end of a specified round.

Types of Golf Bets

Here are some popular types of golf bets available at BetWinner:

Hole, Result: This bet focuses on the performance of players on individual holes, offering unique and specific betting opportunities within the round.

Winner in Round: This bet allows you to choose a player you believe will lead or excel in a particular round, adding an exciting layer of strategy to tournament betting.

Placing Your Bet

Select the odds that match your predictions to add your choices to the betting slip, located on the right side of the screen. Choose the type of bet, enter your stake, and the slip will calculate the potential returns based on the selected odds and your bet amount.

Finalizing and Monitoring Your Bet

Once you finalize your betting choices by submitting the betting slip, you can monitor the status of your bets in the ‘My Bets’ section. If successful, your winnings will be credited to your account according to the fixed odds at the time of the bet.


What types of golf bets can I place at BetWinner?

BetWinner offers a variety of golf bets, including Hole, Result, and Winner in Round.

How do I use a promotional code on BetWinner?

Enter the promotional code during the deposit process to unlock exclusive bonuses and promotions.

Is betting on BetWinner secure?

Yes, BetWinner is licensed and ensures a secure betting environment for all users.

Can I bet on live golf tournaments at BetWinner?

Yes, BetWinner provides extensive live betting options, allowing you to engage with the tournaments as they happen.