Betwinner Payments

Betwinner offers a wide variety of payment methods. To see what’s available in your country, check the payment methods page.

Select your country from the dropdown in the top left corner to tailor the displayed payment options to your location.

The page lists different types of payment methods: Bank Cards, Bank Transfers, E-Wallets, Payment Systems, and Cryptocurrencies.

For each option, you will see a logo and important details such as minimum transaction amounts, any applicable fees, and estimated processing times.

Above the list of payment methods, there are ‘Deposit’ and ‘Withdrawal’ tabs. These tabs allow you to navigate to the specific transactions you wish to perform.

Clicking on ‘Deposit’ button on Deposit tab will direct you to your account’s payment page, where you can conduct transactions after you have registered.

Depositing Funds in Your Betwinner Account

On any page of the Betwinner site, you can easily navigate to the ‘Deposit’ section to manage your funds. Look for the dropdown menu in the header, where you can select ‘Deposit’ to proceed.

In the ‘Deposit’ section, your account number is visible at the top, confirming you’re in the right place to manage your account’s finances. The interface is displaying a list of payment systems available in your region. You’re presented with several recommended methods for convenience, including popular services.

Select your preferred payment option from the recommended methods or browse through all the methods by clicking on the respective tab. The service provides information such as minimum deposit requirements, ensuring you can make informed choices about how to fund your account.

Once you click on a payment method, you’ll follow the prompts to complete the deposit process. These steps typically involve specifying the amount you wish to deposit and confirming the transaction details.

Transactions are designed to be instant and free of fees, so you can start using your funds on the site right away.

Withdrawing Funds from Your Betwinner Account

In the ‘Withdraw funds’ section of the Betwinner account, you can select how to take out your money. The page lists different withdrawal methods, each one tailored to fit payment systems in your region. 

On the left, the account sidebar is visible with several options, and the ‘Withdraw funds’ tab is active. The central part of the screen shows various withdrawal methods, such as bank cards and e-wallets, grouped into categories for simplicity.

To initiate a withdrawal:

1. From anywhere on the Betwinner site, use the header dropdown menu to go to the ‘Withdraw funds’ section.

2. View the available withdrawal methods and choose the one that suits you. You might see options like bank cards, e-wallets, or bank transfers.

3. Click on your chosen method to bring up the withdrawal details form. You’ll be prompted to fill in the amount you wish to withdraw and any necessary details for that method.

4. Each method displays its minimum and maximum withdrawal limits, so you can withdraw an amount that fits these criteria.

5. Once you fill out all required fields and confirm the details, your withdrawal request will be processed according to the method’s specific timeframe.