How to Bet on Beach Soccer at Betwinner

Access BetWinner easily by clicking on the ‘Sports’ tab at the top navigation bar, which directs you to the comprehensive sports betting hub, including beach soccer.

Finding Beach Soccer Matches to Bet On

The ‘Beach Soccer’ category is conveniently located in the sidebar on the left-hand side of the screen within the sports betting hub. This sidebar facilitates quick navigation to your desired sports, ensuring that beach soccer betting options are just a few clicks away.

Within the beach soccer section, BetWinner organizes the matches available for betting, helping you swiftly locate upcoming games or tournaments of interest.

Moreover, beach soccer betting is accessible directly from the top menu above the main content area, where ‘Beach Soccer’ is listed alongside other sports, enabling effortless navigation to beach soccer betting opportunities.

Live Betting on Beach Soccer at Betwinner

For live beach soccer matches on BetWinner, the betting process is similar to pre-match betting. Navigate to the ‘Live’ section from the top menu to find and select current beach soccer games available for in-play betting, complete with real-time odds and markets.

Reviewing the Matches and Odds

The main content display area showcases beach soccer matches alongside their primary betting markets. This display prominently features the ‘1X2’ odds for each game, giving you a quick overview of the betting landscape for various matches.

Detailed Betting Markets

For more in-depth analysis and additional betting options, simply click on a match of interest. You’ll be taken to a dedicated event page filled with a wide range of betting markets, such as 1X2, Double Chance, Team Wins, Both Teams To Score, Total Goals, and Handicap, each accompanied by the most up-to-date odds.

At BetWinner, markets are grouped to help bettors find specific types of bets more easily:

  • All Markets: Indicates the total number of betting options available for the event.
  • Popular: These are the bets most commonly selected by bettors, such as ‘1×2’ and ‘Total Goals’.
  • Scoring: Bets like ‘Both Teams To Score’ or ‘Team Wins’ provide options focused on scoring outcomes.
  • Handicap: Displays options for betting with a handicap to level the playing field between teams of different strengths.

Making Your Bet

To place your bet, click on the odds that reflect your prediction. This action will automatically add your selection to the betting slip, which is permanently located on the right side of the screen. On the betting slip, you can choose the type of bet you wish to make, enter the amount you’re willing to wager, and the slip will display the potential returns based on the odds of your selected market and the stake amount.

Confirming and Tracking Your Bet

Finalize your betting choices by submitting your bet slip. Once you’ve placed your bet, you can track its progress through the ‘My Bets’ section. If your bet wins, the payout will be credited to your account according to the posted odds at the time your bet was placed.


What types of beach soccer bets can I place at Betwinner?
Betwinner offers a variety of bets, including 1X2, Double Chance, Team Wins, Both Teams To Score, Total Goals, and Handicap.

How can I use the promotional code BWPLAY?
You can enter the promotional code BWPLAY when making your deposit to access exclusive bonuses and promotions.

Is it safe to bet on Betwinner?
Yes, Betwinner is licensed and regulated, ensuring a safe and fair betting environment for all users.

Can I bet on live beach soccer matches at Betwinner?
Yes, Betwinner offers extensive live betting options, allowing you to bet on matches as they unfold in real-time.

What strategies can improve my betting success at Betwinner?
Successful betting strategies include thorough research, understanding the odds, prudent bankroll management, and taking advantage of promotions and bonuses.

Does Betwinner offer tips for beginners?
Yes, Betwinner provides resources and guides to help beginners understand the basics of betting and how to place successful bets.