System Bets on Betwinner

A system bet on Betwinner is an advanced form of betting that combines multiple accumulators of the same size, based on a pre-determined number of outcomes. This type of bet allows for greater flexibility and the possibility of winning even if not all outcomes are correct. 

What is a System Bet?

A system bet consists of several accumulators, each including a combination of your selected outcomes. Unlike a traditional accumulator where all selections must win, a system bet allows for partial winnings if only some of the combinations are correct. The maximum number of accumulators you can include in a system bet is 184,756, and you can include up to 20 outcomes.

Maximum Number of Accumulators: 184,756

Maximum Number of Outcomes: 20

How to Place a System Bet on Betwinner

Access the Sports Section: Log into your Betwinner account and navigate to the sports section. You can explore a variety of sports and events such as football, basketball, and tennis.

Select Multiple Events: Choose the events you want to include in your system bet. You can select outcomes from different matches or games, offering flexibility in your betting strategy.

Pick Your Outcomes: For each selected event, decide on the specific outcomes you want to include. This could involve predicting the winner of each match, the total goals or points, or other specific event results.

Add Selections to Your Bet Slip: Click on the desired outcomes to add them to your bet slip. Ensure that you have selected the correct number of outcomes and that they align with your betting strategy.

Choose the Type of System Bet: On the bet slip, select the system bet option and choose the specific type of system bet you want to place. This will determine the number of accumulators included in your bet.

Enter Your Stake: Enter the amount of money you want to wager. The stake for a system bet is typically divided across the multiple accumulators.

Place Your System Bet: Review the summary of your system bet, including the events, selected outcomes, accumulators, and potential payouts. Confirm and place your bet.

Wait for the Events to Conclude: After placing your system bet, wait for the events to finish. The system will automatically calculate the returns based on the outcomes and accumulators

Notice: To place a system bet on Betwinner, you need to be a registered user. If you haven’t registered yet, please read our guide on how to create an account on the Betwinner website.

Example of a System Bet

Let’s consider an example where you choose 4 outcomes and create a system bet that includes accumulators for all possible combinations of 2 outcomes.

Selected Events and Outcomes:

  • Football Match 1: Team A to win (odds: 2.0)
  • Tennis Match: Player 1 to win (odds: 1.8)
  • Basketball Game: Over 150 points (odds: 1.5)
  • Horse Race: Horse 3 to win (odds: 3.0)

Type of System Bet: Combination of 2 outcomes (2-folds)

Total Number of Accumulators: 6

Accumulator OddsStake per AccumulatorPotential Payout
2.0 x 1.8 = 3.6$5$18
2.0 x 1.5 = 3.0$5$15
2.0 x 3.0 = 6.0$5$30
1.8 x 1.5 = 2.7$5$13.50
1.8 x 3.0 = 5.4$5$27
1.5 x 3.0 = 4.5$5$22.50

How to Calculate Your Payout

To calculate the potential payout for a system bet, you need to sum up the returns from all winning accumulators. The formula for calculating the payout is:

Payout=∑(Stake per Accumulator×Accumulator Odds)


System bets on Betwinner provide an innovative way to diversify your betting strategy. By combining multiple accumulators, you can cover various possible outcomes, increasing your chances of winning. This makes system bets a valuable option for both novice and experienced bettors.


What is a System Bet?

A system bet is a type of wager that includes several accumulators of the same size on a pre-determined number of outcomes. It allows for multiple combinations within a single bet.

How are the payouts calculated for System Bets?

The payout for a system bet is calculated by adding up the returns from all the winning accumulators included in the system.

How do I place a System Bet on Betwinner?

To place a system bet on Betwinner, follow these steps:

  1. Access the sports section.
  2. Select multiple events.
  3. Choose specific outcomes for each event.
  4. Add selections to your bet slip.
  5. Select the type of system bet.
  6. Enter your stake.
  7. Place your bet.

Do I need to be registered to place a System Bet on Betwinner?

Yes, you must be a registered user on Betwinner to place a system bet. Follow our registration guide if you haven’t signed up yet.

What happens if some selections in my System Bet are incorrect?

In a system bet, not all selections need to be correct to win. Depending on the type of system bet, you can still receive a payout if some of the combinations win.